It's exactly what you think it is.
Panties. Stockings. EYECANDY.
(butts and cleavage only, no nudity)
Anonymous sent: When will mod be posting some undie selfies?

Definitely not before she dances around/poses in her maid costume for grossmod smh y’all need to get in line I am #1 priority believe it. Also stop asking. She will post if and whenever she wants.

Anonymous sent: hello! i'm really sorry if you've answered something like this before, but i was wondering if you didn't have a list of etsy sellers? thank you!

Hmm, we don’t have a list but making one sounds like a great idea. We totally support etsy stores and if you can afford to purchase some especially nice panties(/stockings) from a store, you should! You can try to find a few by clicking the purchase link on our homepage. I think we’ll try to work on one (((unless there’s already one out there?)))!

*If you an own an etsy store that sells primarily panties/stockings and want to be listed, please tell us the name of your store and we’ll check it out. We’re picky but we’ll try to make a list with some variety.


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hey guys~ it’s mod

just lettin you know we’re both still alive (because boy have we been absent for a looooong time)

after a stressful term all i really wanna do is play animal crossing tbh so during this break mAYBE MORE SELFIES but i’m not making any promises xux

oh yeah and happy belated easter!! hope everyone enjoyed theirs~




♡ ivory silk satin bunny undies